The Only Wellness Approach that Begins and Ends with You

Established in 2011, FOODprofile is part of a nutritional advisory service that delivers wellness using natural food-based remedies matched to your genetic nutritional profile.

In the same way that each of us has a unique fingerprint, gait, iris and so on, we also have a foodprint or FOODprofile as we call it. That food profile specifies the foods that enable your body to function at its best.

The team at FOODprofile began their own quests for wellness individually. We understand serious illness that traditional western medicine could not resolve. Back on those days, there were no accessible natural solutions to everyday health problems, but that said, there was a lot of buried research!!  We methodically dug out so much discarded information, extracted the elements that worked and used it as the basis of FOODprofile. 

Your FOODprofile starts with your genetic information and uses it to identify the key foods your gut needs to function fully in minutes, not hours, days or weeks, or worse, trial and error.


Within days of beginning the process, you notice the difference in how you feel.

The FOODprofile process begins with you by understanding how foods work well in your gut, as well as which foods work with which particular FOODprofiles. The process ends with you by changing how you look and feel in weeks.

So whether you are:

  • seeking a natural weight loss solution

  • trying to reverse a disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol

  • attempting to control dietary condition or,

  • simply wanting to eat more healthily

The only place we recommend starting is with your FOODprofile. It takes away the guesswork and tells you very plainly which foods work with you and for you. Simple as that. 


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