Some little known facts:  ​

  • Your DNA pre-determines the foods your body can process.

  • The foods you cannot process manifest as disease, illness and weight gain. 

  • Foods you can process protect you, heal you and keep you light.

  • The foods that work with your DNA lead to natural weight loss.

  • There are 12 different FOODprofiles.

  • Learn your foods today. 

Why Do I Need My FOODprofile?

Because you have been taught to eat foods that are:

  • part of your heritage and culture.

  • from your country of birth

  • widely available in supermarkets.

  • grown locally.

  • promoted as "superfoods"

  • associated with your ethnicity.

This is approach is backwards and damaging. It's the equivalent to putting petrol in a diesel engine!

You should predominantly eat according to what your gut needs and craves. Once those foods are identified and consumed by you, your gut functions at its best delivering what it needs to your other vital organs.

Your gut knows exactly what to do with the correct foods and how to do it.  The food that  previously caused "damage" or "confusion" in your gut, or worse still, disease, are moved to the fringes of your diet. In doing this and focussing on foods that support, protect and heal you, means your enzymatic processes can function unimpeded in your body. In simple terms, eating the foods that support you is like turning on a light switch. Your body knows exactly what to do, which is why the process of turning your health around is so easy and takes less than two weeks to have a significant impact.

Your guts' inability to handle the constant onslaught of eating foods that do not match your DNA ultimately leads to the creation of diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and cancers.

Other symptoms you may not recognise as being due to eating foods that do not align with your genetic profile include:

  • mucus and blocked noses

  • IBS

  • bloating

  • diarrhoea after eating

  • stomach pain and cramps

  • interrupted sleep patterns

  • swollen joints such as wrists, fingers, ankles

  • aches and pains in limbs

  • weight gain (despite hardly eating)

  • early menopause

  • etc.

You don't need to live that way, especially when the only information you need you already hold!


My weight is finally under control for the first time in my life but my son, for the first time in his entire life has been able to wake up and move around pain-free. He ran down the stairs this week. He has never run in his 17 year old life! All I can say is thank you again and again, and I know it's not enough.

A. Nkosi

Young Woman with Smart Outfit
Healthy Morning


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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."