Meal Plans work 

Your health comes first, so why not let a FOODprofile DNA-based Meal Plan take care of it for you.

Our Meal Plans are tailored and deliver targeted and corrective foods to eradicate ailmentsand formats that align with your genetic profile profile. We target your wellbeing.


So if you just want to eat healthily, lose weight, get rid of that bloated stomach, rid yourself of constipation, control your IBS, or you simply want to feel more like your old self, start today by

working with your DNA and not against it.

Get a DNA-based Meal Plan today from £69.99!

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Rebalance, Restore and/or Renew.

There's a Meal Plan waiting for you.

Meal Plans from £69.99.

DNA test costs £24.99

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Food That’s Good for You

Most people don’t realise that even in the same family, you can have very different nutritional profiles and food needs.

Everyday foods react differently once they are inside our bodies, so two people may eat the exact same food in the exact same way but once it enters your body, it behaves differently. One person may experience weight loss, the other may end up with a debilitating disease like arthritis. 

Knowing your FOODprofile can prevent this.

Your FOODprofile puts your health back in your hands and under your control.

Stop wasting money on faddy diets, foods and supplements that worsen your problems instead of resolving them. Follow your DNA.

No need to work against what your body craves and needs in order to function effectively and at it's peak. 

FOODprofile puts you at your natural best and works equally well for ordinary people as well as performance athletes.

Get in touch today to take control of your health.