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The media likes to tell us which foods are best for our bodies and which diets are popular but the only true measure is your DNA.

When you eat according to your DNA, and eat in line with your FOODprofile, change is rapid and remarkable. Long-standing illnesses and ailments reverse in weeks and weight gain becomes weight loss, just through eating.

Your DNA is what makes you individual and different to others. So even if you eat the exact same foods, in the exact same quantities as your best friend, the likelihood is that those same foods will perform differently in each of our bodies.

Our work at FOODprofile with you begins by knowing how foods work and which foods work with which FOODprofiles. 

We begin by introducing foods that facilitate natural enzymatic responses and foods that heal and eliminate toxins. Once stage one of the process is complete, we work with food to stabilise, rejuvenate and alleviate the majority of your food-based ailments, from aching joints to diabetes to weight gain. 

So get your FOODprofile and reverse food-based diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol with ease. Doctors are regularly astounded.

Whether you are seeking a simple weight loss solution, trying to reverse a dietary condition, or simply wanting to eat healthily, start with your FOODprofile, it tells you which foods work with you. Simple as that.