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Your version of ebook, FOODprofile 2.0, is determined by your DNA. 

It will be transferred electronically to you as soon as you have completed and returned the DNA and Wellness form, which you receive upon payment. You will also receive a confirmation email from us.


Please download your version of FOODprofile 2.0 securely. You will receive reminder notifications to download.


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FOODprofile 2.0

  • FOODprofile 2.0 is the Ultimate Guide to DNA-based Weight Loss in 10 Days.

    If you exercise regularly and eat "healthily" but struggle to lose weight, you need your version of FOODprofile 2.0 today. 

    This ebook gives you the process, controls and the foods you specifically need to bring genetic balance and enable you to actively facilitate weight loss and limit weight gain once and for all.

    Learn how to lose weight and how to maintain that weight loss easily using easy-to-follow instructions.


    We've given ourselves 10 days to be on the safe side but you'lll probably notice the difference in seven days because your body is complex and intelligent. It knows exactly what it needs and when it gets it, it knows exactly what to do.


  • FOODprofile 2.0 contains everything you need regarding your foods, the frequencies and the quantities you need to Eat your Way Back to Weight Loss in 10 Days.

    You watch your weight drop off, feel your health and your sense of wellbeing return. This is not about avoiding foods or counting calories,  it's about knowing which foods work for and burn for you everyday. Why waste any more time, buy today!