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Meal Plans from £175.00 today

Ask about Meal Plans to reverse IBS, Constipation & Diarrhoea++ 

If you're regularly struggling with a gut-related ailment, such as constipation, IBS, bloating, GERD, diarrhoea, flatulence, stomach cramps or worse, your gut is telling you that something is wrong with the way you are using foods. The good news is that you can deal with these symptoms in a matter of days without the need for long term medications. 

At FOODprofile, we create bespoke Meal Plans that work by healing your gut-based condition(s) using everyday foods and occasional supplements only. 

Our understanding of food and how they function under particular conditions means we can:

  • ease and correct your digestive issues

  • alleviate any embarrassment you experience

  • give you renewed confidence when facing the world.

  • support your wellness

  • improve your immune function

  • prepare your pre-op body for surgery, esp. if you need to lose weight

  • stimulate your metabolism

  • lose weight

  • and much more

By creating easy-to-follow Meal Plans which include breakfast, lunch, main meals and snacks, you can address your specific issues quickly, easily and naturally. By quickly we mean in less than 7 days you already know it's working. 

We believe in giving you clarity, guidance and instructions that will help you regain your wellness quickly. We don't believe in charging you never-ending subscription fees, unlike many of our competitors. We take the guesswork out of putting you on the road to your wellness, so that in two weeks, you're well on your way to enjoying good health again. 

Ninety eight percent of customers need two sessions only:

  1. The first session gives you your first Meal Plan which is corrective in nature.

  2. The second Meal Plan builds on the changes that have already occurred and ensures you don't find yourself experiencing the same difficulties going forwards

Simply put, there are functional foods that work specifically to correct ailments, your body and according to your DNA to reduce your weight, eliminate bloating and constipation, lower your blood pressure, reverse diabetic readings and much more. 

How is this even possible?

Your DNA holds specific biomarkers which pre-determine your response to particular foods. As you may have come to realise, one size fits all does not apply to your health or wellbeing. So the notion of a "healthy diet' means different things to different people.

At FOODprofile, we use your biomarkers to build a picture of your health. This may include saliva, blood, urine, tongue, health history and more. We also use those markers to determine the foods to: 

  • correct damage

  • restore gut health 

  • stimulate your metabolism

  • heal you from inside out

  • protect you going forwards. 

Within 24 hours of your consultation and submitting the outputs of your DNA tests, you receive a bespoke Meal Plan, specifically designed for YOU, to address your digestive and wellness concerns.

Your Meal Plan is always designed to correct and rebalance your health. No more guesswork about what comprises a "healthy diet" for YOU.

Two Corrective & Rebalancing

Meal Plans from £175.00 today


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Ask about Discounts for Families, Couples and double bookings.

There's one for you, for sure! Prices start from £87.50 

3 Steps to Wellness

1. We conduct a detailed health and dietary consultation with you (£87.50). 

2. We send you three DNA-based tests to undertake in the comfort of your home (£24.99 - a one-off fee).

3. Within 24 hours (usually quicker) you receive your bespoke Meal Plan, designed to rebalance and correct your gut by undoing the damage done to date. In other words, we start the process of restoring your inner health. Within 7 days of using your plan you will already notice distinct changes in the way you look, feel and function, and be eager to complete your second and final consultation. You arrange your second consultation around 7-8 days later and receive your second bespoke Meal Plan within 24 hours designed to ensure you continue on the right path to correction, wellness and/or weight loss (£87.50)

We deliver this service, no matter where you are on this planet as long as you have a phone, Skype, WhatsApp and a postal address. If you're in the UK we can get you up and running in days. If you're somewhere in the United States, Africa or Europe, we need a little more postal time to ensure you get everything you need, and then you're ready to discover which foods to eat and rely on for your health, wellness and longevity. 

Your tailored Meal Plan teaches you how to use foods to support your health and natural weight objectives. Your Meal Plan will ensure you regain and/or maintain your gut health and wellness, rid yourself of bloating, constipation, IBS and storing foods as fat, and it will do it naturally, quickly and just the way nature intended.

You get the process, timings, controls, tips and simple and easy-to-follow Meal Plan ideas, so you can eat back on the road to vibrant health and well-being and more importantly, stay there!

FOODprofile Meal Plans are also ideal if you're looking to improve their immune function, lower diabetes and cholesterol readings and with COVID-19 not going away any time soon, ask about our Immune-function and diabetic Meal Plans.

Bear in mind that people in the same family, can have very different nutritional needs. It is vital therefore to know this, so that everyone can be looked after because everyday foods react very differently inside our guts. Two people can eat the exact same food, prepared in the exact same way but once it enters your gut, that food behaves differently. One person may experience weight loss, while the other may end up with stomach cramps, bloating and constipation! 

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Everything You Need

We offer :

  • 1-to-1 Consultations 

  • Phone & Skype-based consultations

  • Downloadable ebooks


All of them use the same process with different levels of support and guidance.

FOODprofile puts you on path to eating genetically healthy foods for you.


In consultation, your issues are listened to and we work to eliminate the cause of your issues, not simply covering the symptoms. You are prepared for what is required in order to give you the best possible headstart. So, in addition to your foods, you get the key details you need on how best to use them, particularly if you are dealing with an ongoing health issue. Then you are given the process for achieving and maintaining wellness.

With your specific FOODprofile you begin to understand how your country of birth, parentage, heritage and culture may inadvertently have been the cause you ongoing and unnecessary health related issues.

You learn how to rid your body of mucus and inflammation, you experience swollen joints disappearing when you eat the foods that match your DNA. You realise that your sleeplessness is to do with your diet not the menopause, likewise with feeling bloated after eating is to do with poor food choices.

In all circumstances you learn how to eat yourself slim, not by eating like a squirrel or weighing every ingredient and counting everything you eat. NO!!

FOODprofile is simpler than that, you learn natural portion controls that come from you and your DNA and these are natural controls work for you as an individual. Your controls are not about eating 6 nuts a day because for some it may be more and for others it may

be none at all.  

What matters is the food groups you eat from and the particular foods within each food group that work to your specific functional advantage. 

Last but not least, we teach you everything you need to know, we hide nothing because your health is your life and we want you to live it to the fullest.